Craft a Mouthwatering Healthy Hot Chocolate Bar!

Craft a Mouthwatering Healthy Hot Chocolate Bar!

Wow your guests at your next Holiday-Season gathering with a Hot Chocolate Bar - only let's make it healthier!

woman holding a glass mug of hot chocolate

Hot chocolate bars are IN - but what if you've committed to enjoying tasty, HEALTHY foods this holiday season?

 hot chocolate with cinnamon sticks and marshmallows

The journey to greater health and wellness and away from addictive foods that keep us sick is different for everybody; but for anyone who has started the path, the Holiday Season can be especially difficult!

You've put in the work to clean up your diet. You're feeling better. Maybe you've lost weight. Your autoimmune conditions aren't bothering you anymore. You've learned to make healthy versions of your favorite foods and enjoy new foods. Now here comes Aunt Martha's annual cookie party where you are confronted with sugary concoctions from traditions all over the world, bursting with powdered cane sugar, Red Dye No. 40, Karo syrup, and shortening, and core-memory smells and flavors to make you question all your life decisions!

You want to participate in those get-togethers and enjoy the twinkling lights, the cozy music, re-connecting with friends and family... but you've really enjoyed feeling well and may feel a little (or a LOT) of resentment or anxiety about the social pressure and/or massive temptations you are faced with every other day!

hot chocolate and cookies

Well, we can't solve ALL of your problems for you, but here's just one idea that may help you enjoy time with dear ones without needing to compromise!

Offer a Healthy Hot Chocolate Bar! It's as simple as 1-2-3!

You could do this as a host or offer it as your contribution to someone else's party.

1. Heat up some water and have it ready in a beautiful thermos or insulated drink dispenser.

2. Set out little bowls with tablespoon scoops full of our 3 herbal cacao drink mixes: Marshmallow, Berry, and Peppermint. 

3. Prepare some artfully arranged mix-ins!

hot chocolate bar, cheese board

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Sweet: coconut sugar, date sugar, maple sugar, raw honey, and/or organic maple syrup
  • Salty: flaked sea salt
  • Real Flavorings: vanilla extract, peppermint extract, almond extract, orange extract, fresh-ground Ceylon cinnamon powder, ginger powder, cayenne pepper powder (a great conversation piece!)
  • Cream: whipped coconut cream, nut milk or cream (cashew, almond, etc.)
  • Just for fun: cacao nibs, crushed pecans, a tiny crockpot of melted healthy-er fudge to drizzle (did you save that recipe we shared during Chocolate Week???)
  • Fun complements: a bowl of mixed nuts, dried fruits, fresh orange slices, almond-flour cookies / biscotti, pumpkin apple muffins, or other healthy treats

hot chocolate cookies spoon of honey

Don't forget lead-free mugs or non-toxic compostable cups, stir sticks, and napkins!

Level-it-up for your non-caffeinated guests with an herbal tea or apple cider bar alongside it! 

And don't forget - you're not going to go to all of this trouble to have a healthified, no-compromises-necessary Hot Chocolate Bar and put a scented candle next to it, right? Light a few beeswax candles for gorgeous ambiance, a light honey scent, and clean air for your guests!

We would love to see your Healthy Hot Chocolate Bar! Tag us on social media @aplacetocometofarmstead and use the hashtag #healthyhotchocolatebar! Happy Holidays!

2 mugs of hot chocolate with cream and winter decor


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