Our Story

Herbal Embrace is a business arm of Vezzani Agricultural Ventures, LLC, a family business created, owned, and operated by Mike and Sarah Vezzani.

We had been feeling a growing call to live a more natural life, more connected with the natural world. We wanted to raise our family together and be fully present, rooted in natural principles. Focus on what is real and essential.

our family
This is a picture of our family at a family reunion. Our kids have super cute faces and smiles, but we choose to keep them off social media.


We have been building a 2-acre homestead from nothing but dirt and tumbleweeds, and whatever materials we bring here. As permaculture designers, we are constantly experimenting and watching for nature to teach us true principles as we grow soil, food, micro-climates, and habitat. More and more of the herbs in our products come from our own beyond-organic farm! 

We have named our farmstead A Place to Come To in reference to Wendell Berry’s writings on how the family farm has become a place to leave rather than a place to come to. We seek to reverse this in our family’s life, and make our life a symbol of the "Hope that is within us" (1 Peter 3:15). We believe that nature connects us to God, and that by working to heal the soil on our land we are doing God's work (with a whole lot of personal spiritual refining!).


sarah smiling

Sarah REALLY loves growing all the things. And creating all the things.

In our adult lives, health issues popped up that we couldn't find answers for in the conventional system. We did our own research and made a lot of changes about what we put into our bodies, onto our bodies, and around our bodies. Sarah discovered she was sensitive to chemicals and fragrances - just walking through the grocery store would give her a migraine. This was a problem given she was working as a chemical engineer for a consumer products company that had fragrances in everything.

We left our corporate jobs, cleaned up our home, bath, and skin care products and started making our own. Back then, you just couldn't find ANY chemical-free products in the grocery store. In 2020 Sarah opened an Etsy Shop, and in January of 2023 we were BEYOND EXCITED to launch HerbalEmbrace.com!

Sarah has a special affinity for medicinal herbs and received her Masters in Herbology from Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing on June 17, 2023! She lights up finding new ways to incorporate botanicals into skincare, body care, nutrition, and even art, and can’t wait to share all of her ideas with you.

We are dedicated to promoting Regenerative Agriculture and Permaculture principles, empowering others to learn how to use medicinal plants to build a regenerative life, delivering products that WORK without compromising on ingredients, and seeking the most eco-friendly packaging that safely delivers the product to you.

Be sure to check out the Blog for more on how clean skin care, indoor air quality, daily consumption of herbal teas, and slowing down to be more observant of, and harmonious with, yourself and the natural world around you are part of a Regenerative Lifestyle that can be yours, too! (also, we dare you to say that last sentence 10 times fast...)

We hope you stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram throughout our farmsteading journey. We also invite you to join Sarah's Facebook Community, "The Herb-Powered Pregnancy" - where we discuss nutrition, herbs, and lifestyle choices that lead to wellness for women in their Childbearing Year (pre-conception through postpartum and beyond!).

Be well and find the joy!

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